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Do you have projects that are bogging your days down? Are you looking to grow your team or diversify your talent pipeline? Do you want to help college students and recent grads launch their careers?

It’s time you got to know Parker Dewey, the only on-demand talent platform that gives you access to high-caliber college students and recent grads on a low-risk, project-by-project basis (like a Micro-Internship).

What does Parker Dewey do?

Parker Dewey is a consulting firm that helps companies more effectively complete tasks and improve hiring. We do this through contracting with college students and recent graduates who want to work on your projects to demonstrate their capabilities, gain practical experience, build their professional networks, and explore careers. And while they value the income they generate, these career launchers are much more focused on the experience.

What are the main benefits?

  1. Flexibility: Access resources when you need them, and you set the requirements
  2. Ease: Use it the way you want without the administrative burden
  3. Insight: Identify college students and recent graduates with the right skill and cultural fit
  4. Risk-free: No cost to join or obligation to use

How long does it take to post a project?

In under five minutes, you can create an assignment that addresses your specific needs. While we have provided examples of prior projects, you decide what you need, when it is due, the amount you will pay, and any other requirements. Interested candidates can be reviewed and selected quickly – you pick who you think is the best fit.

What is a typical engagement?

Many organizations retain Parker Dewey to provide services across a variety of departments, industries, and organization sizes. The assignments are comparable to those that may be given to a recent college graduate or intern such as conducting market research, performing financial analyses, assisting in lead generation, and crafting internal and external communication materials.

Who at the company engages and works with Parker Dewey?

We work with individuals representing sales, marketing, human resources, finance, operations, and just about every other department. Since the career launchers are not your employees, interns, or contractors, there is no burden or paperwork for human resources or finance departments.

Furthermore, since the career launchers are highly skilled and have the experience or completed the prerequisite coursework to prepare them to execute these engagements, you don’t need to provide managerial oversight or control.

How long do the projects take?

Most assignments are due between one week and one month after the launch, and completion often requires between 5 – 40 hours of work. For larger projects, we recommended unbundling these into shorter, more defined assignments to provide maximum flexibility.

What is the cost of engaging Parker Dewey?

Like the other project criteria, you determine the engagement cost, of which the specific candidate you select receives 90%. Please contact us at if you’d like some help in setting a price. Beyond the cost of the engagement itself, there are no additional fees charged by Parker Dewey. Even if you want to hire the career launchers for a full-time role, internship, or anything else, Parker Dewey does not charge any fees – in fact, we LOVE when this happens!

Are the career launchers required to be on-site or remote?

You determine if they want a project completed on-site or remotely.

How do I select the interested career launchers?

Since you best understand the skills, profile, and personality required to successfully execute a project, you determine how to evaluate candidates. Given the short-term nature of the engagements and the consulting relationship, this is typically much more streamlined than the process of making a hiring decision. Many organizations select a career launcher based solely on their profile, though some pose specific questions, request work samples, or conduct phone interviews.

How is this different from a staffing firm?

Parker Dewey exclusively works with highly motivated career launchers, those students or recent university graduates who want to demonstrate their skills while forming professional relationships. As a result, the work quality is superior as they’re focused on exceeding expectations and are interested in full-time opportunities (unlike some temporary labor that may be just interested in the paycheck or lack the characteristics that would make them successful in a full-time role). In addition, engagements are completed on a fixed-fee basis as opposed to the hourly model favored by most providers of temporary labor.

In addition, unlike staffing firms, our companies and career launchers are able to determine if there is mutual interest, ensuring a better working relationship as they best understand if the assignment, skills, and personality required to successfully execute a project are aligned. This means that career launchers work on assignments that interest them, and you’re not stuck with a candidate a staffing firm thinks is a good fit (or, more likely, has sat on the bench).

Furthermore, to the extent that there is interest between you and the career launcher in pursuing a full-time role or internship, unlike many other organizations, there is no fee due to Parker Dewey. In fact, we love when we can help facilitate a mutually beneficial full-time professional opportunity.

Are there differences from internships, co-ops, and other college consulting programs?

Internships, co-ops, and college consulting engagements have a much more significant commitment with limited flexibility. These types of programs tend to last at least ten weeks, are timed around the academic calendar, and require significant oversight to plan and manage.

In comparison, Parker Dewey offers flexibility around project length and timing and provides immediate access to talent. This permits the career launchers to determine their availability while allowing the project to be completed according to your schedule and needs. Since each career launcher is expected to have the expertise to successfully complete the engagement on his or her own, you don’t need to provide the support typical for an intern.

In addition, Parker Dewey provides an excellent way for both companies and career launchers to evaluate cultural and skill fit in an authentic setting. In fact, you can identify and evaluate internship candidates through Parker Dewey, ensuring that there is a fit before making the much more significant commitment associated with internship programs.

What is the quality of the work?

You should expect work quality comparable to that of a skilled intern or new hire. The career launchers are focused on exceeding expectations as they seek to demonstrate their skills. In addition, the career launchers have access to resources typically not available to those other than industry veterans.

Does a career launcher or my organization receive any feedback?

Upon completion of the engagement, both you and the career launcher have the opportunity to provide feedback. The review of the career launcher includes an overall rating along with an evaluation of the performance in five specific areas: timeliness, communication, quality, presentation, and skill level. In addition, you can offer confidential feedback directly to the career launcher, providing professional development similar to what an individual might receive from a mentor.

Career launchers also have the opportunity to provide feedback. Not only does this offer insights on the experience itself, but it also provides a company with additional perspective on the way it is viewed by potential new hires.

How does the payment process work?

No payment is required to post a project or evaluate career launchers. Payment is made to Parker Dewey only at the time the engagement begins (after you select the specific career launcher). Parker Dewey holds these funds in escrow until you approve the completion of the project.

Payment for this business service can be made via credit card, electronic bank transfer, or check. We are also willing to work directly with you if any other methods are preferred.

Are there any fees?

Beyond the cost of the engagement, there are no additional fees charged by Parker Dewey. There are no additional costs to register, serve as a career launcher, or access Parker Dewey’s content library.

Furthermore, Parker Dewey encourages you to hire career launchers for internships or as full-time employees. To the extent that there is interest between you and the career launcher, there is no fee due to Parker Dewey from either party. In fact, we love when we can help facilitate a mutually beneficial full-time professional opportunity.

Are the career launchers who complete the engagements employees or contractors of my organization?

Parker Dewey provides services for a fixed fee. The specific career launchers working on these engagements are not employees or 1099 independent contractors of your organization, therefore there is no administrative burden.

In short, no. We make it really, really easy for you.

Are these engagements confidential?

All career launchers are subject to the Nondisclosure and Assignment agreements included in the Terms of Use. Beyond the legal ramifications of violating this agreement, it is presumed that the career launchers understand the impact that violation of these agreements would have on their opportunities for future employment and the status of their relationship with their university. To the extent that you would like to supplement this with your own non-disclosure and/or Assignment agreements, you may do so directly with the career launcher.

How does a career launcher present an engagement on a resume or LinkedIn profile?

Career launchers are independent contractors and therefore not employees of either Parker Dewey or your organization. As such, it is recommended that career launchers categorize these experiences under the heading “Independent consultant” and highlight each engagement separately or by category. Career launchers are subject to the Nondisclosure Agreement in the Terms of Use, and therefore should be sensitive to the level of detail provided. Career launchers may request that you review the content or can email Parker Dewey for feedback at

Other questions about Parker Dewey? We would love to hear from you.

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